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Marriage Therapy services located in Texas, Nevada, Washinton, Oregon, and Arizona

Relationships go through ups and downs, and marriage is no different. The team at Solid Foundation Psychiatry, led by Edewor Ben Osevwe, PMHNP-BC, provides marriage therapy  from locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Portland, Oregon, and Pearland, Texas. Therapy helps when you’re going through a crisis or want to prevent future problems. Call today or use the online tool to schedule a telehealth appointment. 

What is marriage therapy?

Marriage therapy involves psychotherapy for people looking to improve their relationships. You may seek marriage therapy during a crisis, like an infidelity, or to strengthen bonds. 

At Solid Foundation Psychiatry, you benefit from marriage therapy delivered through an online platform. This allows both people in the couple to access therapy no matter where they are. The partners don’t even have to be in the same room to talk with each other and their therapist. 

Who benefits from marriage therapy? 

Marriage therapy benefits any married couple who wants to improve their relationship dynamics. 

Oftentimes, a couple seeks therapy when going through a crisis, like an infidelity, sexual dysfunction, or financial conflict. Marriage therapy helps when a couple gets stuck in a negative cycle and has difficulty communicating. 

Marriage therapy can also be proactive. It can help prevent future relationship problems and enhance the bonds you have. 

Specific signs that you should seek marriage therapy include:

  • Having the same fight over and over without agreeing on a solution
  • Disagreements on financial, lifestyle, and parenting choices
  • Loss of sexual or romantic chemistry
  • Feelings of inequity when it comes to household responsibilities and an inability to come up with a solution
  • A sense that the marriage is on auto-pilot
  • Feelings that your partner is emotionally unavailable

A tragedy or loss as well as substance abuse and mental health issues can also have a serious impact on a marriage. The team at Solid Foundation Psychiatry can help you navigate these instances and potentially save your marriage. 

What happens during marriage therapy?

Your marriage counselor will want both partners to be on telehealth sessions. You do not have to be in the same room, but speaking with each other allows your therapist to observe your communication patterns and helps them develop the tools you need to improve your relationship. 

If your partner does not want to attend, you can attend marriage counseling alone to learn more about yourself and your role in the relationship. 

Marriage counseling isn’t always comfortable. However, the providers at Solid Foundation Psychiatry create a safe space where you can air your feelings in the open. Expect to have bouts of crying and raised voices. The goal is to validate the feelings of both people in the relationship. 

Your therapist provides you with tips and tools to help you move forward in your relationship and heal. This “homework” is helpful the next time you have a disagreement or resentful thoughts. 

Get the marriage counseling your relationship needs at Solid Foundation Psychiatry. Call today or use this website to request a telehealth appointment online.


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